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Opportunities for Builders, Developers, Architects, and/or Property Owners to earn tax credits. One current program applies to Single Family and/or Multi-Family units up to 3 stories including: Single Family Residence(s), Tract or Production Home(s), Residential Condominium(s), Apartment Building(s), Assisted Living Residence(s), Affordable Housing, Rehabilitation, Substantial Reconstruction, Student Housing. You can collect for 2016 and retroactive for 2015 – 2013 (as long as you did not already collect). Tax credit can be claimed retroactively for up to three years. Builders and/or Developers must have tax basis in the home or dwellings to claim the credit.


DuctTesters Team

DuctTesters was officially established in 2005 but was founded in 1998.  With nearly 20 years under the belt, DuctTesters continues to grow with the times and continues to be a direct resource for all your energy consulting needs.  DuctTesters strives to continually improve upon innovation, adaptability and responsiveness with clients and subcontractor partners. DuctTesters has a strong team of nearly 50 team members covering the entire state of California and select outlying areas of Nevada, Colorado and Arizona.  “QUALITY ENERGY CONSULTING WITH THE TESTING TO PROVE IT”. Here are a few fun pictures of some of the team prior to Memorial Day Weekend 2017:  


Prepared for the 2016 Energy Code Changes?

2016 Energy Code


The 2016 Energy Code Standards are here. On January 1, 2017, all projects getting permitted on or after this date will be required to meet the 2016 Energy Code Standard.  If you live in Northern California and are not quite sure what this means, you will want to attend this free upcoming workshop for Builders, Product Manufacturers and Consultants.  The discussion covers high performance walls and attics in relation to complying with the 2016 Energy Standards. This is an event you will not want to miss!

Why should you attend?

  1. For the first time hear the California Energy Division’s vision for the 2019 standard updates. Will there be more stringent attic standards? What is the future of the PV Credit?
  2. See products and methodologies that can be used to comply with the 2016 standards and beyond Have your questions answered by experts and the Energy Commission staff so your company is best prepared to succeed in this next code cycles.

When is the Forum?

  • August 24th and 25th
    8:00 – 4:30

Where is the Forum?

  • August 24th– Clovis – Emergency Operations Center room at the Police/Fire HQ at 1233 Fifth Street
  • August 25th – San Ramon – San Ramon Valley Conference Center 3301 Crow Canyon Road, Room A203

This free seminar is hosted by CONSOL, WISE, and the California Housing Foundation (CHF).  You need to RSVP.  Please see the flyer as a PDF or JPG here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for Builders | Architects | Developers.

We have developed a double-sided informational handout covering most of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Builders, Developers, and Architects have.  Some of the questions are:

  • Who/What is DuctTesters?
  • What Would I Use DuctTesters for?
  • What if I do not need DuctTesters for All of their Services?
  • What is Third Party Testing?
  • What Energy Code Year Is My Project?
  • I am overwhelmed with the Title 24 Energy Code Standards Information. What is Title 24?  Why is it Different on All my Projects and Plans?
  • Got Any Tips for Writing Title 24 Subcontractor’s Scopes of Work?


Energy Consultants and Energy Raters - DuctTesters FAQ   What to ask an Energy Consultant or Energy Rater