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DuctTesters ensures our raters are certified and well trained. We particpate in CalCERTS, CHEERS, Energy Upgrade CA, GreenPoint Rater, Energy Star, CABEC, Efficiency First Foundation, LEED, EPX, USERA, Build it Green, Energy Logic, Zero Energy Ready Home, and more.


Industry Training

This week the California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC.org) held their regional meetings. Our own Jeremiah Ellis, who is also the Vice Chair of CABEC, was one of the presenters during the meetings. CABEC holds 2 regional meetings a year, bringing the members energy standards and industry focused training. This time around, the topics covered were “The HERS Registry: What the Energy Consultant Needs to Know”, presented by Jeremiah Ellis and “2010 CalGreen Code” presented by Doug Hensel and Mike Nearman. Lots of valuable information was presented. Below is a copy of the “The HERS Registry: What the Energy Consultant Needs to Know” presentation Jeremiah gave.