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DuctTesters was officially established in 2005 but was founded in 1998.  With nearly 20 years under the belt, DuctTesters continues to grow with the times and continues to be a direct resource for all your energy consulting needs.  DuctTesters strives to continually improve upon innovation, adaptability and responsiveness with clients and subcontractor partners. DuctTesters has a strong team of nearly 50 team members covering the entire state of California and select outlying areas of Nevada, Colorado and Arizona.  “QUALITY ENERGY CONSULTING WITH THE TESTING TO PROVE IT”. Here are a few fun pictures of some of the team prior to Memorial Day Weekend 2017:  


What is High Quality Insulation Installation (QII)?

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has set a standard for the way insulation should be installed in a home called High Quality Insulation Installation (QII).  In order to meet QII, insulated framing areas need to resist thermal bridging of the assembly separating conditioned from unconditioned space.  This visual inspection is conducted by a “third party” called a certified HERS Rater.  The HERS Rater (HERS Verifier or HERS Verification) confirms the insulation was installed almost perfectly, allowing the home to perform per the insulation manufacturer’s specifications.  In addition, the HERS rater verifies that compliance meets or exceeds the project’s Title 24 Design or the CF-1R. QII verification almost always requires two visits to conduct full verification.  The first visit is usually held at rough stage (before drywall) and the other is held after.

A few of the items inspected for QII include:

  • the insulation holds the proper R-value and type listed
  • there are no gaps or voids between the framing or insulation
  • there is no insulation compression where restricted from achieving full thickness
  • pipes and wires are in cavities where insulation occurs and are covered with non-compressed insulation in front and back
  • an air barrier is installed at all exposed faces of batt, loose fill, and SPF insulation
  • electrical boxes are carefully cut out in the insulation in order to provide a tight fit with no gaps or holes
  • and more. Review the entire checklist here:  CEC: Quality Insulation Installation (QII) – Insulation Installation Checklist.

If your Title 24 Design or CF-1R requires QII, be sure to contact DuctTesters (a HERS rater) at the beginning of the project. If you do not know what compliance is required for your project, also feel free to contact us.  We can put a proposal together and help you from the beginning through the end of your project.  DuctTesters has a team of certified HERS raters covering the entire state of CA and select areas of NV, NM, CO and AZ. 

**Please note this is DuctTesters interpretation of QII. It is the responsibility of anyone utilizing this information to ensure that it is in compliance with the CEC and CA Title 24 Standards.**


What is coming for Title 24 – 2016 Residential Energy Standards Code?

2016 Energy Code - DuctTesters

Title 24 Energy Code Standards are MANDATED for every residential project built, making a minimum energy efficient code all buildings must abide to, in order to get a final permit.  You are hearing more about the energy code because: it becomes more stringent every three years, third party testers are now required to ensure compliance is met, and building inspectors are enforcing it.  About every three years, the energy code standards change in an effort to get every new building to eventually become net zero (building produces as much energy as it uses making the building self-sustainable) or as close as  possible.  The government’s goal is that all new residential buildings will be net zero ready in 2020 and all new commercial buildings in 2030. This is also why some  products you installed in one development a year ago, may not qualify to be installed in next year’s project.  Every building and every project are different, the code allows for some items to have a tradeoff in order to meet compliance, different climate zones dictate and prompt different energy efficient compliance minimums, and building orientation all could have an effect on a project’s energy calculations.

2016 Energy Standard Code will officially go in to effect for projects permitted on or after January 1, 2017.

New for the 2016 Residential Energy Standards…


  • All Occupant Sensing controllers have max timer of 20 minutes
  • All Installed luminaires shall be high efficacy Table 150.0 A
  • Count of Blank Electrical boxes more than 5 ft. above floor limited to amount of bedrooms. Must Controlled by dimmer of Vacancy sensor.
  • Recessed Lights cannot have screw based lamps.
  • All Recessed Lighting, LED GU-24 socket, and any screw based lamps still need to be High Efficacy, but must a CEC certified product AND controlled by Dimmer or Vacancy Sensor (Except hallways and closets >70sf for controls)
  • Bathrooms, Garages, Laundry, Utility Rooms at least 1 light is controlled by Vacancy Sensors

2016 Energy Code Compliance Lighting Standards



  • Option A: Insulation above deck (R8 No Air Space or R6 with air space) AND R38 at Ceiling and Radiant Barrier
  • Option B: Insulation below deck (R18 No Air Space or R13 with Air Space) AND R38 at Ceiling and NO Radiant Barrier
  • Option C: R38 at Ceiling and Radiant Barrier and Ducts In conditioned Space.


  • Being compared to a U-Factor of 0.050 (no option without rigid foam meets this)


  • Duct Leakage reduced to 5% (from 6%)
  • Duct Insulation increased to R8 with HPA OR R6 with Option C Attic
  • Liquid Line Filter Drier installed if Manufacturer’s instructions call for it.


  • Option 1: Tankless water heater with 200kBtu
  • Option 2: Storage Tank with 105kBtu AND QII Insulation AND Compact Hot Water Design OR All Hot water Pipe Insulation



2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS by the CEC

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