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DuctTesters to speak at AIA San Fernando Valley


Join DuctTesters and AIA San Fernando Valley on Wednesday, January 18, 2016 at 6:30 pm (networking) and 7:00 pm presentation on the Residential 2016 Title 24 Part 6 Energy Standards.  Dave Hegarty, President of DuctTesters, will be conducting a 1.5 AIA Continuing Education Credits presentation.  He will be discussing:

  • Mandatory, Performance, and Prescriptive Measures
  • Time Dependent Valuation (TDV)
  • High Efficacy Lighting
  • High Performance Walls (HPW)
  • High Performance Attics (HPA)
  • PV/Solar Credit
  • Hot Water Heater Changes
  • Basic Understanding of some of the Energy Points/Costs
  • Mention of Innovative Products Coming to or Currently on the Market (DuctTesters does not refer or recommend any products.  The company likes to inform industry professionals about new, current, and innovative products/ideas. Any products mentioned should be researched further with your own due diligence). If you have a new/innovative product currently on the market or coming to market, please let us know. We appreciate innovation!

The AIA SFV office is located at 5121 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 200A, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. RSVP’s are required for this event due to limited space. Pizza will be served prior to the presentation. For more information, please email Alyssa Trebil.

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AIA San Fernando Valley Newsletter

Read more about the event in the AIA Newsletter: http://www.aiasfv.org/newsletter/2016/12-2016Elevations.pdf.


2016 Energy Code Compliance Seminar in Northern California

If you are interested in attending a face to face seminar please see this flyer and RSVP.  Space is limited. First come, first served.




HERS Provider/Rater and Certificate of Compliance Forms

What is a HERS Provider / HERS Rater and Understanding Certificate of Compliance Forms

HERS Providers:  The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Providers must be approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC).  The HERS Provider is responsible for ongoing access of the Registry and Database to the CEC, to train and certify HERS Raters, to create Quality Assurance Programs, conduct quality assurance on HERS Raters’ work, report annually to CEC, and must abide by HERS Regulations. There are only three HERS Providers approved in California (http://www.energy.ca.gov/HERS/providers.html).  They are CalCERTS (for newly constructed, alterations and whole house), CHEERS (for newly constructed and whole house), and USERA (for alterations only).

HERS Raters:  A HERS Rater is a licensed and certified professional by an accredited HERS Provider. The HERS Rater is a third-party inspector that can conduct inspections and evaluations of home’s energy features and develops a home’s energy rating score (HERS Rating or HERS Index Score) in addition to making recommendations for energy-efficient improvements. A HERS Rater must be a third-party. For example, a HVAC Company cannot also be the HERS Rater conducting inspections on their own work. The HVAC Company and the HERS Rater must be two separate affiliations.


CF1R:  Certificate of Compliance (Permit Application)

  • The Project’s Energy Code Design Requirements / Permit Application
  • Provided with Plans or Equipment Schedule
  • Submitted to Building Department for Permit
  • Must be Signed by All Parties Responsible for Building Design & Registered with Approved HERS Provider
  • Submitted to Enforcement Agency

CF2R:  Certificate of Installation (Installation & Inspection)

  • Construction and Installer Verification Testing
  • Forms Signed and Submitted by Installing Subcontractor or Builder During Construction Verifying Installations and Installation Testing
  • Posted at Building Site
  • Reviewed by Building Inspector
  • Mandatory Measures Found within these Forms

CF3R:  Certificate of Verification – HERS (Acceptance & HERS Verification)

  • The Third-Party Verification (HERS) Sign Off After All of the Above Are Completed
  • Verification Provided by a Certified HERS Rater
  • Field Inspections
  • Made available BEFORE Building Inspector Arrives for Final


**Please note this is DuctTesters interpretation. It is the responsibility of anyone utilizing this information to ensure that it is in compliance with the CEC and CA Title 24 Standards.**