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Over the Edge for Veterans – 2017

On Saturday, October 7th, Homes 4 Families (formerly Habitat for Humanity SFV / SCV) hosted an “OVER THE EDGE FOR VETERANS” fundraiser event. DuctTesters was a proud sponsor and sent two of their clients, Michael Hall from RSI Communities and Mark Mandernacht from Montage Development, rappelling down 25-stories in support of the event. The Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT Team rappelled first. You will see a photo below of LA’s SWAT Team with Judi Maclean from Homes 4 Familes.  All the proceeds from this event go directly towards the construction of new homes and social services for low-income Veterans and their families.

“To date, Homes 4 Families has partnered with non-profits, government entities, and corporations to bring the outcome-proven Enriched Neighborhood® model to communities. Primarily with Habitat for Humanity San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys (SF/SCV) as builder, we have built over 144 homes in 5 Enriched Neighborhoods® in Northern Los Angeles County, are under construction on 80 homes for low-income veteran families, and are working with Habitat for Humanity Riverside to build 38 additional homes for low-income veterans.” – Homes 4 Families 

Over the Edge for Veteran’s Event has currently raised $142,061 of its $145,000 goal. Please help the fundraising effort by donating here: https://www.firstgiving.com/HabitatSFSCV/go-overthe-edge-for-veterans-2017 or Read More about Homes4Families: http://www.homes4families.org/.


2016 Energy Code Field Awareness

We would like to bring to our builder and subcontractor’s attention some issues that could occur in the field regarding HERS Verification.  The 2016 Energy Code has implemented more and/or tighter regulations when it comes to compliance.  Subcontractors need to pay even more attention to the detail of the field installation team.  Here are a few suggested items you may want to address with your team:

  • Air Flow Testing: Subcontractors may have issues passing which sometimes is because of the zone system not being adjusted properly. Please make sure your team is pre-testing.
  • Refrigeration Charge (RCM): Make sure the subcontractors are testing the system prior to the third-party inspectors coming out to verify.
  • Equipment Installation: Make sure the correct equipment is being installed in the correct units and matches the CF1R per plan type.
  • High Quality Insulation Installation: It is becoming common for projects under the 2016 Code to now have a QII verification on the project’s mandatory compliance. The installation must have no voids or gaps and fill the cavity side-to-side, top-to-bottom, and front-to-back. The inspection requires two site visits from the HERS Verification company. One verification is prior to drywall (rough stage) and the other is near final (during all the other verification measures).  Please make sure your team is calling us out prior to drywall and following the QII checklist.
  • Signing off on the CF Forms: DuctTesters is a hands-on Energy Consulting Company. We work with, help, train, and follow up with the subcontractors filling out and signing off on the paperwork.  Installers are responsible for 100% (each and every home) of respective CF2R documents. There are some areas where trades cross over and issues arise as to who will sign off for what.  Please note that a builder can always sign off if there are subcontractors refusing to comply.  There are items such as a whole house fan where one company supplies it and another installs it. There are also areas where QII crosses into drywall and/or framing.  Please try to address items prior to work starting by holding a pre-construction meeting and/or list subcontractor cross over area items in scopes of work. The forms in the mandatory provider database sometimes only allow one company to sign off on the install.  Here are some suggestions of who should sign what form:

Below will have both CF2R & CF3R to complete and sign off:

Subcontractor Responsible HERS Measure Form
HVAC Duct Leakage MECH 20a
HVAC Air Flow MECH 23
HVAC Fan Watt MECH 22
HVAC or Electrician Indoor Air Quality MECH 27
HVAC Refrigerant Verification MECH 25
HVAC Low Leakage Air Handler (LLAH) MECH 20c
Insulation Quality Insulation Inspection (QII) ENV 21, 22, 23


Below will only have CF2R to complete and sign off:

Subcontractor Responsible Form
Window ENV 01
Insulation ENV 02, 03
Roofer / Framer

(for attic eave vents & radiant barrier)

ENV 04
Plumbing PLB 02
Electrician or Lighting LGT 01

Builders back charge subcontractors for not passing HERS inspections the first time which requires a HERS Verification return trip to pass the second time.  It also can hold up a builder’s project to reschedule the subcontractor to fix the mistake and to reschedule the HERS Verification return trip.  HERS Inspections are contracted with the builder under sampling protocol. Although we spot check, we process sample groups and provide CF3R documents for each and every home. Our hands are tied if non-compliance is not resolved and/or if installer CF2R documents are not completed.

CF1R:  Certificate of Compliance (Permit Application)

  • The Project’s Energy Code Design Requirements / Permit Application
  • Provided with Plans or Equipment Schedule
  • Submitted to Building Department for Permit
  • Must be Signed by All Parties Responsible for Building Design & Registered with Approved HERS Provider
  • Submitted to Enforcement Agency

CF2R:  Certificate of Installation (Installation & Installer Inspection)

  • Construction and Installer Verification Testing
  • Forms Signed and Submitted by Installing Subcontractor or Builder During Construction Verifying Installations and Installation Testing
  • Posted at Building Site
  • Reviewed by Building Inspector
  • Mandatory Measures Found within these Forms

CF3R:  Certificate of Verification – HERS (HERS Verification)

  • The Third-Party Verification (HERS) Sign Off After All of the Above Are Completed
  • Verification Provided by a Certified HERS Rater
  • Field Inspections

We know everyone takes pride in their work and we are here to conduct “QUALITY ENERGY CONSULTING WITH THE TESTING TO PROVE IT.”  We are part of your team and are here to help you get the job done right.

Below are free materials to help your team:

***DuctTesters put together “the above suggestions”.  Please note that DuctTesters is not an attorney nor responsible for verbiage written in outside company scopes of work and/or contracts.  Please consult with your company’s attorney and/or contract/scope writer.  Above is merely suggested and in no way pointing out one or any current companies doing anything wrong.


Happy Holidays

Friday, December 11, 2015, DuctTesters Inc. held its annual Holiday Party.  It was an open house event at the DuctTesters headquarters in Ripon, CA from 1pm to 6pm.  Employees, clients, family, friends, subcontractors, and consultants were all present.  Thank you for your participation and support.  We wish everyone we work with and know a healthy and happy holiday season!

Photos from the event:


IMG_2794  IMG_2827

Residential HERS  IMG_2826

IMG_2815a IMG_2754

IMG_2824  12341554_10208396724660353_6413319414164871374_n

IMG_2732  HERS Raters

Duct Test  IMG_2734

IMG_2736  IMG_2739

IMG_2737  Energy Consulting

IMG_2740  IMG_2744

IMG_2743  IMG_2746  

IMG_2745  IMG_2747

IMG_2757  IMG_2749

IMG_2748  IMG_2753

IMG_2763 IMG_2760

Title 24 Design  IMG_2769

IMG_2765  IMG_2773  

IMG_2776 IMG_2774

IMG_2788  IMG_2825

IMG_2806  Multi-Family HERS

IMG_2811   IMG_2786

IMG_2821  IMG_2795

IMG_2787 IMG_2766


11215771_10208396764381346_3678318048121724184_n IMG_2779  IMG_2784