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2016 Energy Code Compliance Seminar in Northern California

If you are interested in attending a face to face seminar please see this flyer and RSVP.  Space is limited. First come, first served.




CAHP “Project of the Quarter” Announced and DuctTesters was Energy Consultant and conducted HERS Verification

California Advanced Homes Program: Energy and Program News 2016 Quarter 1 announces: De Young Park View as the “Project of the Quarter” in their quarterly newsletter. This means Park View had the lowest 2013 Title 13 “CAHP Score” for the last three months. DuctTesters is the proud Energy Consultant and conducted the HERS Verification for this project.

For over 40 years, De Young Properties has built homes in the Central Valley, always committed to industry-leading innovation, unsurpassed quality, and long before it was popular – environmental responsibility. Now today, De Young Properties’ homes receives recognition as some of the most energy-efficient in California, certified by GreenPoint Rated, which gives homeowners third-party assurance that their new home supports energy-efficiency, sustainable building practices, indoor air quality and water conservation.

Read the entire article here as a pdf or the jpgs below.

You can also read a full blog about the project by De Young Properties here: De Young Park View Project Named “Project of the Quarter”

California Advanced Home Program CAHP News Article about the most energy efficient project of the quarter














Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for Builders | Architects | Developers.

We have developed a double-sided informational handout covering most of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Builders, Developers, and Architects have.  Some of the questions are:

  • Who/What is DuctTesters?
  • What Would I Use DuctTesters for?
  • What if I do not need DuctTesters for All of their Services?
  • What is Third Party Testing?
  • What Energy Code Year Is My Project?
  • I am overwhelmed with the Title 24 Energy Code Standards Information. What is Title 24?  Why is it Different on All my Projects and Plans?
  • Got Any Tips for Writing Title 24 Subcontractor’s Scopes of Work?


Energy Consultants and Energy Raters - DuctTesters FAQ   What to ask an Energy Consultant or Energy Rater