FAQ - Energy Rater, What is Title 24? Writing Scopes of Work for Title 24, California Building Code

DuctTesters can bid or perform one or all of the energy consulting requested services. The more DuctTesters services you bundle together the better pricing you receive. Many building industry companies are bidding the work differently. One company may have the architect hire the Title 24 consultant while another may have the builder hire the Title 24 consultant. One company may have one department handle the Title 24 while another department bids the HERS testing. Some builders may not understand the third party verification and the HVAC contractor may be hiring the HERS verifier; however, California prefers the builder-developer hire the rater directly, making sure there are no conflicts of interest so the rater is truly a “third party” rater. The choice is yours and DuctTesters is available to provide one or many services. DuctTesters prides themselves on quality performance and guarantees 100% legitimate work.

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