Third Party Verification

What is Third Party Testing or Third Party Verification?

A third party verifies the installation/work completed by the subcontractor/builder was done correctly.  In your set of plans there should be sheets in the architectural, mechanical or stand alone titled: Title 24.  Third party testing (by a HERS Rater) is required for every new project to ensure it meets the Title 24 Energy Code  Minimum Standards. Requirements and tests will be listed such as: IAQ,  Minimum Airflow, Verified EER/SEER, Duct Sealing, QII, etc.  The energy consultant needs to send a proposal that includes the mandatory test requirements (usually done by sampling: 1 in 5 per plan) and testing a separate 1 in 5 per overall of entire project.  The third party certified tester (HERS rater) is responsible for testing and submitting documentation to the HERS Provider database.  DuctTesters has cloud based technology, instantaneously sending documents once testing is completed, ensuring final sign off does not get held up due to testing.  In addition, DuctTesters’ photographs and records all official results.

Other types of required third party testing include:

    • DuctTesters is proud to provide rating services to certify new homes for the ENERGY STAR® label. The ENERGY STAR label on a home means that it has been designed and built to standards well above other homes in the market today. It means better quality, better comfort, and better durability. It also means that the home is a better value for today, and a better investment for tomorrow. The ENERGY STAR label gives homeowners the peace of mind that their home has undergone a better process for inspections, testing, and verification to ensure that it meets strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • GreenPoint Rated
    • DuctTesters raters are certified to provide rating services for new homes for the GreenPoint Rated label. “GreenPoint Rated is the most trusted independent green home certification program in California, providing proof that a home is healthy, comfortable, durable, and resource efficient. More than 31,000 homes have been rated through the program, administered by Build It Green.
  • LEED
    • DuctTesters is certified to verify new homes for the USGBC LEED for Homes label.  “The LEED certification process is designed to inspire project teams to seek innovative solutions that are better for our environment and better for our communities.”
  • DOE Zero Net Energy Ready Home (DOE ZNE)
    • DuctTesters is certified to verify the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Builders Challenge program. “A DOE Zero Energy Ready Home is a high performance home which is so energy efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption.”
  • Solar Verification (Photovoltaric – PV)
    • The New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) requires a third party inspector called a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater provide field verification for certain energy efficiency measures and the PV system in a NSHP home.  Our raters are certified to conduct this type of third party verification.
  • and more

The DuctTesters team is certified for a number of various types of third party testing.

Read more about our Certified HERS Raters.

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