DuctTesters is a full service energy consulting and verification company. Our knowledgeable and professional team of Energy Analysts are dedicated to quality work and providing the client with all the options. Our team of field technicians are fully trained and certified to meet all your third party inspection needs.  We have certified licensed HERS and HERS II raters that cover all of California and select areas of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.  We cover Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family, and Affordable Homes. This includes New Construction, Existing Building Upgrades, Alterations, and Additions…Custom Homes and/or Production Homes.

We start by consulting with our clients on how to achieve their efficiency goals. Projects range from existing home upgrades, production homes, high-end custom homes, all the way to Net Zero Homes that will produce just as much energy on-site as it consumes. Throughout the construction process, we inspect the building components, ensuring the proposed standards are being met in the field. We verify efficiencies accurately, using specialized testing equipment and computer software. These verifications allow us to understand how our clients are constructing their homes and how well the house works as a system and will be performing for the homeowner. Our team of consultants educate our clients on building energy efficient homes, how it can be done cost effectively, and how they become marketable to the consumer. This start to finish approach to energy consulting is why we can say that we offer, “QUALITY ENERGY CONSULTING WITH THE TESTING TO PROVE IT”.


With the market shift towards building a more efficient home, builders need a high quality energy consultant to show them the way. We specialize in designing energy solutions around the builders needs while keeping cost effectiveness as the top priority. We provide a full range of energy consulting from Title 24 Part 6 energy calculations and HERS verification all the way to designing zero net energy (ZNE) homes and green building program verification. We show you all the options upfront, letting you decide what works best for your project.


Our goal is to make your compliance with the Title 24 energy standards as easy as possible. We provide all your needed HERS verification, along with offering training services to make the required verification go as smoothly as possible so they pass the first time every time. We also take the hassle out of all the paperwork. Our staff is fully trained in the complexities of the required paperwork and offer training to all our contractor clients.


Are your utility bills through the roof? Simple cost effective upgrades can lower your utility usage, saving you money every month. Our home energy analysis will pin point your home’s inefficiencies so you know exactly what improvements will have the greatest effect. A full report is provided, complete with suggested upgrades, projected costs for each upgrade, and an estimated savings for each upgrade showing you what provides the most bang for your buck. Schedule a Home Energy Assessment


  • Title 24 Part 6 Energy Code and HVAC Mechanical Engineering Design
    • Design
    • Calculations
    • Documentations (CF & NRCV Forms)
    • Submittals
  • HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Measures, Testing, and Verification

    • Residential, Commercial, and Multi-Family (custom and production)
    • New Construction, Existing Building Upgrades, Alterations, Additions, and Affordable
    • Testing, Certifications, and other Third Party Verification
    • Official Pre-testing and Field Testing
    • Certified Title 24 Part 6 HERS and HERS II Raters (all disciplines)
    • IAQ – Indoor Air Quality Mechanical Ventilation
    • Minimum Airflow
    • Low Leakage Air Handling
    • HERS Verification
    • Duct Leakage Testing
    • Blower Door Testing
    • HVAC Duct Blaster Testing
    • HVAC Compliance, Testing and Verification
    • Cooling and Fan Compliance
    • Fan Efficacy Watts / CFM (Watt Draw)
    • Weatherization and Insulation Inspections
    • High Quality Insulation Inspections (QII)
    • Ducts in conditioned space
    • Combustion Safety Testing
    • Infrared Diagnostics
    • Reduced Duct Surface Area
    • Ducts Buried in Insulation
    • Verification of Duct Design
    • Adequate Airflow
    • Air Handler Fan Watt Draw
    • Time Dependent Values (TDV)
    • Refrigerant Charge and Airflow (RCA)
    • Verified Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
    • Verified SEER
    • Building Envelope Sealing Measures
    • Roofing Inspections
    • Hot Water System Verification
    • High EER
    • TXV/Refrigerant Charge
    • Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV)
    • Lighting Compliance Verification
    • Whole House Air Infiltration Testing
    • Fenestration (arrangement of windows and doors)
    • Solar Verification (Photovoltaic Verification – PV Verification)
    • Green Building Verification
      • Energy Star, Net Zero Homes, Build It Green, LEED, BPI Building Analyst, TCAC, GreenPoint Rated, Zero Net Energy Homes and More
  • Energy Consulting
    • Energy Modeling
    • Certified Whole House Energy Assessments (Audits) and Ratings
    • Budget Development
    • Performance Reports
    • Custom Cost-Effective Energy Efficient Solutions
    • Utility Rebate and Incentive Programs
    • Federal Tax Credit Administration
    • 45L Certifications
    • Energy Efficient Mortgage Reporting