Duct Testers 45L FAQ

45L Builder Energy Efficient Home Federal Tax Credits

Tax Credit applies to Single Family and/or Multi-Family units up to 3 stories including: Single Family Residence(s), Tract or Production Home(s), Residential Condominium(s), Apartment Building(s), Assisted Living Residence(s), Affordable Housing, Rehabilitation, Substantial Reconstruction, Student Housing. You can collect for 2016 and retroactive for 2015 – 2013 (as long as you did not already collect). Tax credit can be claimed retroactively for up to three years. Builders and/or Developers must have tax basis in the home or dwellings to claim the credit (builder or developer must own and then sell, rent or lease). Builder and/or Developer must have a detailed energy analysis that is certified by a qualified third-party and one of the only approved software: Energy Pro 4.7, Energy Pro 4.8, EnergyGauge USA v5.0, or REM/Rate v14.6.2 is used to generate the energy savings calculations.

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