California ENERGY STAR Version 3 made final

The EPA has posted the final Version guidelines for California on its Website.

EPA has also posted its responses to the comments and questions that were received and compiled during the draft guideline comment period. The final guidelines are nearly identical to those that were proposed during the comment period. The implementation schedule is defined as follows:

v3 implementation schedule

As you can see, Version 2.5 will require the completion all of the inspection checklists, with full enforcement of sections 3 & 5 of the Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist only. This policy will provide more time for our partners to familiarize themselves with the inspection checklists prior to their enforcement under Version 3.

Note that EPA continues to provide an extended implementation timeline for low-income projects financed through low-income housing agencies, which is explained in the Version 2.5 and 3 program documents for California.

As always, DuctTesters is your go to source for all things Energy Star. With version 3, big changes were made and we strive to keep all our clients update to date on how if effects construction. Feel free to contact us and setup a meeting to discuss.


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